Feel on top of the world

Enjoy our juicy Burger, crispy Spare Ribs, golden fries and fresh Salads. Eating among Friends – this is what our small Restaurant stands for!

After Hours of fresh mountain air…Pins and Needles in Hand and Butt proving the Kilometers, worn to the bone, your rags are waterproofed … also from inside … sun is burning … your throat is dry and your stomach is rumbling – somewhere down the road you need a break. Regardless whether you continue after or not, in Bla Bla you can mellow down easy. Let your bike cool down, bleed the leather, unstrap the ski or simply drop yourself. We know what you need.
Latest at a Drink, a 300 gram Burger or something else from our “wild” kitchen, you are sure about one thing: Here you hit the spot!

You are looking for a Location for your Birthday party, you want to do a regulars’ table or a Company party? You can arrange all the Details with us. Buffet, Decoration, Music or Special event, we arrange your Party.

    • Soups

    • Screwbroth


      Cornsoup with Potato

    • Howlerbag



    • Snacks

    • Valve cap

      5,00 €

      Portion Chicken nuggets (7 pieces) & Dip, side salad ..

    • spark plug

      5,20 €

      Portion Chicken Wings (5-7 pieces), BBQ Dip & side salad

    • bungee straps


      Mozzarella Sticks (7 pieces) with MangoDip & side salad

    • seals


      Onion Rings (5-6 pieces), sour cream &  side salad

    • spark plug


      Chicken Wings mit Salsa Dip und Salat

    • salads

    • Dashboard

      10,90 €

      romanasalad, cocktailtomatoes, carotts pins, italien chesse,  chicken breast strips

    • cavity seal


      Tomatoe and mozarella salad

    • rear sprocket


      Salad leaves, tomato, cucumber, peppers, carrot sticks, boiled egg, & herb dressing

    • Potatos

    • Barend


      Potato with salad & homemade sour cream

    • hand guards


      Grilled Potato with Salad, homemade sour creme and Bacon

    • Grips


      Grilled Potato with Salad, homemade sour creme and Chicken Breast

    • heated grip


      Grilled Potato with Salad, homemade sour creme and pulled Pork

    • Big Burger

    • V2 Classic Burger

      11,90 €

      homemade Hamburger (250 g) with fresh salad, tomato, onions, cucumber, dressing, ketchup & Fries

    • V4 Cheeseburger


      homemade Hamburger (250 g) with Cheese, with fresh salad, tomato, onions, cucumber, Dressing, ketchup & Fries

    • V6 Chilli Burger


      homemade Hamburger (250 g) with Cheese and Chilli, fresh salad, tomato, onions, cucumber, Dressing, ketchup & Fries

    • V8 House Burger


      Hamburger (250 g) with Cheese, fried egg and grilled bacon, fresh salad, tomato, onions, cucumber, Dressing, ketchup & Fries

    • V12 Pulled Porc


      Big Burger with Pulled Pork, Cheese, Tomatoe, cucumber, Onion and BBQ - sauce & Fries

    • Flower pickers


      Big Burger vegetarian, Burger with grilled vegetables, Mangocreme & Fries

    • Steak

    • Tankpad


      Rump Steak( 200g)  with fries, salad and herb butter or grilled Onions or pepper sausage

    • Hot Pan

    • rear Lowering 😉


      beanpan with Bacon,  sausage & baguette

    • Sissy Bar


      courgette spaghetti with caramelised onions

    • Ribs

    • BOS

      12,90 €

      1/2 Rack of Spare Ribs (300-400 g), BBQ Dressing, fries, cole slaw

    • Akrapovic


      1 Racks of Spare Ribs (700-800 g), BBQ dressing & Fries, cole slaw

    • Schnitzel & Wurst

    • shoulder protector


      Fried Schnitzel from Pork with fried egg, side salad & Fries

    • Knee sliders

      10,90 €

      Fried Schnitzel Vienna style, pork with side salad & Fries

    • Back protector

      12,90 €

      Fried Schnitzel from Pork with white mushrooms, side salad & Fries

    • Joint protector

      12,90 €

      Fried Schnitzel from Pork with romany style sauce (red and green peppers), side salad & Fries

    • shock absorber

      7,90 €

      Currywurst & Fries

    • for Kids

    • Kit


      100 grams of burger to build yourself (hacksteak, lettuce, onion, tomato, cucumber

    • crashpad


      small schnitzel with pommes

    • chain spray white


      rice Pudding with apple

    • mini indicator


      fish sticks and fries

    • Sweeties

    • sitting wedge

      3,30 €

      warm chocolate cake with wipped cream

    • Spoked wheel

      3,90 €

       waffle with chocolate cream

    • muddy freaky shake

      4,90 €

      Icecream, milk, cream & topping

      chocolate, vanille or strawberry