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Hiking vacations in Harz National Parks

The Harz Mountains is the land of German fairy tales: steep-roofed houses with tiny windows and narrow, cobblestone streets, dark forests, rushing streams and stormy mountains. The Brocken is the highest peak in the Harz at 1,142 meters and from the summit you can enjoy magnificent panoramic views across the whole region. A tour to the Brocken is one of the highlights of any trip to the Harz. One way is to take the Brocken steam train, which is part of the Harz Narrow Gauge Railway to the summit. Alternatively you can hike in the footsteps of Goethe from Torfhaus to the Brocken. Follow the path that Goethe took on December 10th 1777, on his first visit to the Brocken. The rough terrain and untouched nature that created bizarre shapes left a lasting impression on him and manifested years later in one of the greatest works of German literature: Faust.

Most beautiful are the golden sun-rays shooting through the dark green of the firs. The roots of the trees form a natural stairway, and everywhere feet encounter swelling beds of moss, stones are covered foot-deep, as if with light-green velvet cushions. Everywhere is a pleasant freshness and the dreamy murmur of streams. Here and there see water rippling silver-clear amid the rocks, washing the bare roots and fibers of trees (free according Heinrich Heine who was one of the most famous Hiker in Harz).

You will tie your hiking shoes not a Three-Minutes-Walk away from multiple hiking trails around Braunlage. Plenty of destinations like Witch stairs (Hexentreppe), Wurmberg cliffs (Wurmbergklippen), Brocken path jumps (Brockenwegschanzen) and Bear brigdge (Bärenbrücke) to be found easily on well signposted trails. For longer distance trails you will find an ideal starting Point with the Wurmberg, the Brocken’s shorter twin. The Harzer Hexenstieg passes along the foot of the Wurmberg and also the Harzer Grenzweg the former German/German boarder you can enter from here. You can also hike on the Brocken from here.

The Harz National Park is now a vast playground. The old traffic-free border zone evolved into a rich wildlife reserve. Lynx have ousted witches as the national park’s emblem but those Faustian weird sisters still know how to strut their stuff at Walpurgis Night.

Dein Hotel, surrounded by forrests, river Bode and beautiful nature invites you. Relax, Enjoy and feel comfortable in Braunlage.

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* 10,00 € Single room surcharge per night